Saturday, March 5, 2016

Atlantic City Printer Tray Wall Hanging

I painted the tray using silver spray  then added embellishments I made using my circuit explore air machine. I also added various textured and printed paper strips. I think it is fun and funky like my condo in Atlantic City. I will hang this on a wall in my master bedroom in A.C. It compliments the mixture of animal print, metallics,  and funky colors in that room.
All the things I like to do in AC are represented. Can u tell I like A.C. nightlife?
I hope to add a pic of this in the room once I go down to my condo to hang it up.

I would be willing to create more of these wall hangings for a price. Of course I would personalize it to your liking. Send me a msg if u are interested. Prices would be based on size of printer tray and about of die cuts I have to make (time consuming).