Saturday, March 5, 2016

Atlantic City Printer Tray Wall Hanging

I painted the tray using silver spray  then added embellishments I made using my circuit explore air machine. I also added various textured and printed paper strips. I think it is fun and funky like my condo in Atlantic City. I will hang this on a wall in my master bedroom in A.C. It compliments the mixture of animal print, metallics,  and funky colors in that room.
All the things I like to do in AC are represented. Can u tell I like A.C. nightlife?
I hope to add a pic of this in the room once I go down to my condo to hang it up.

I would be willing to create more of these wall hangings for a price. Of course I would personalize it to your liking. Send me a msg if u are interested. Prices would be based on size of printer tray and about of die cuts I have to make (time consuming).

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Adam Lambert in Atlantic City Rocked!

This past Saturday I took my oldest daughter to her first concert, Adam Lambert. He was incredible! He sounds so great live! It was an unforgettable night. Alex Newell was his opening singer. He did not disappoint. He is a strong vocalist too with an awesome personality. We were lucky enough to meet him too and buy his cd. Check both of them out on iTunes. You will not be disappointed. I already been listening to Adam for years at the gym and in my car. Now I added Alex Newell to my workout and party iPod playlists.