Wednesday, May 4, 2016

RIP Lois and Mambo

Been a tough past week, not only did I get sick but two of my favorite felines passed away. Lois, I can't even put my head on my pillow now without shedding a tear. I miss your cute gray and white face. You were one of the most scared feral cats I ever trapped but gradually after 10 years of my patience and love you finally let me kiss your head without running away. Mambo, now Sarah Monheim's baby, was a gorgeous dapper fellow. I still remember the day I took u in my car wrapped in a pillow case half dead from uri and heat exhaustion. I remember holding your body next to the air vents to cool you off while Chris drove you to my home. I miss your chatter and smiley eyes. I hope one day I get to curl up next to you all in bed in Heaven. I don't regret the time I got to share with my felines, I just wish I had more of it.
If you are reading this post, please consider adopting from your local rescue or taking in a stray (getting it proper vet care) and giving it a forever home (no matter how long or short their life may be).
Moments are defined by emotions, though some may measure them in time. My heart grows from my furry companions; I thank them for making me be a better me.