Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 6 kick start your art Challenge with Smeared and Smudge

I went to a high school cheer leading event today and set up a candle bar (I sell candles and sprinkles.). The cheerleaders were so cute and very helpful. They helped me pack and unpack. They were so creative with mixing my sprinkles to make their candles.  Anyway so I wasn't sure I would have time to do the challenge today. When I saw what the challenge was I was discouraged. I don't like texture on my pages. I like everything flat or near flat. I thought if I am going to be challenged do something I am not fond of too. Trying to go outside the box. Though I did take a couple class this past summer using various mediums but wasn't impressed with how they look. I am not a fan of the "drippy" stuff.
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So I stamped a few Smeared Ink images on paper then applied them to my page. I painted Faber Castells gel medium over them then applied Martha Stewarts black glitter to make it look a little glitzy and rough. The words I obviously hand wrote with a bold creative memories pen on regular loose leaf paper to keep with the traditional journal vibe. I applied CTMH's liquid glass to the heart image I stamped on the loose leaf paper. I roughly bordered the loose leaf paper tearings with Viva walnut brown metallic 3d stamp paint.

I used the focus on being an empath bc an interesting thing happened today at the cheerleading event.   These types of things happen often but usually the "other side" isn't so determined to make u state to the innocent person that they are present. So when u feel the "pushing" from the other side it kinda leaves an impact on you.
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DonnaMundinger said...

Well, you certainly managed to achieve some cool texture, especially for not liking it. Kudos to you for taking the challenge. (You're gonna hate my page, though. LOL) xxD

ldfdesign said...

You did great! It looks very touchable, I love touching textury things. Wonderful page!

Titbelsoeur, mixed-media addict said...

wow ! beautiful page ! thanks for playing with us !

Laura B said...

You did a very nice job with your texture! Thanks for playing along with us!:)