Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bon Jovi - It's My Life

I cried today because I exceeded my goals faster than expected. I cried tears of joy (at my Dr appt.). All my hard work and sacrifice are paying off. All my inner and outward struggles are having the impact I wanted on my body. I had a plan in my head and I stuck to it despite the opposition and lack of support from others. I had the courage to move ahead with my plan because I educated myself, prepared myself both physically and mentally ( detoxified my life of negativity as best I could- abusive job, ppl, etc). My goal was possible because of my immediate family's support- my daughters and my husband. They have been supportive, loving and gave me confidence when I really needed it. They gave me space when I needed it (quite often bc I am an introvert/chronic thinker/dreamer) too. They gave me compliments when I thought no one was noticing (goes ALONG WAY WITH ME). I think I would have reached this goal without them despite their support but it is sweeter because I get to enjoy it with them.
I was told I am glowing..I finally look on the outside like I always felt on the inside, but better. My body was unidentifiable for so long. I was mad at myself and disliked how I changed physically. Now, I love not just my inner self but my outer self again. No, I am not perfect. Imperfections make you, you.  (I have scars like most mothers with complications from bearing children; but, my scars tell my story of where I have been in my life. Shows the warrior I am when I need to fight.) Comfortable and truly happy with your self makes you beautiful.