Friday, August 16, 2013

Book a Pink Zebra Candle Bar and/or Party Now with Me!

I have entered the beautifully unique fragrant world of PINK ZEBRA. If you are interested in hosting an online party, fundraiser or a fun party at your place contact me. 
To place an order online, go to:
Pink Zebra products are American made. 
A Pink Zebra Fundraiser earns your group 40% of its sales (when sales reach $400+).  

Feel free to contact me if you want to host a Pink Zebra Candle Bar. A PZ Candle Bar with me entails each of your guest making their own candle recipe using PZ Sprinkles. Each candle cost between $6 - $25 each depending on size of candle. All sprinkles are soy based. So they are better for the environment with a cleaner burn for you. A fun party/wedding activity for teens to adults. These candles make great party (and wedding) favors too.