Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fond of Adam Lambert

I know I am a 40 year old mom but I find Adam Lambert incredibly talented and so handsome. I watch him whenever I can when he is on tv. I love listening to his music. When I drive the ipod is on and his songs may be a little louder than normal when I am alone. (Thx Itunes!)
So, if you are not a fan of his yet, you need to listen and look him up..he is a modern day Rod Stewart but without the gritty voice. He has the appeal, fashion, charm and voice of a sex symbol.
I used to be into dance and industrial music as a teen and in my twenties so I guess it would make sense for me to have this gorgeous talented man make me go gaga.
I hope it is not creepy for someone my age to find someone like him attractive. If so, oh well.